Our Saga

Three winters ago on a cold Tyr's day evening 3 valiant warriors became friends.

The first Bjorn Halfdan, the perfect mix of man and dwarf, small but powerful, agile and quick with a glorious beard, his speed is matched by his skills with sword or axe.

The second Rolv Eirikson, a stout and powerful man, fair-haired and courageous, fearsome with an axe and a sword.

The third Gunnar Sigurdson, a tall and well-built raven-haired man, fearless and brutal with a spear or a sword.

These three warriors, all part of one war band, became close friends, sharing tales of their glorious victories, laughing and feasting together. As they became closer Rolv and Bjorn started a business together, helping other businesses share their news and stories by the magic of runes.

Another winter went by, Bjorn and Gunnar's talk became about their tiresome search for strong and hard wearing clothing, clothing that looked good and shared their love of the gods.

Bjorn and Rolv decided to start sharing their own news with runes and create their own clothing, to share with other warriors who longed for clothing fit for a Jarl but available to all. Bjorn and Rolv decided to invite Gunnar to join them on their quest as Gunnar had knowledge of the runes almost on par with Odin himself. 

Gunnar knew where to find runestones all across the lands. The three warriors launched Jotunn Vikingr Wear, sharing their love of the gods and the old ways with other warriors and shield maidens.